Ashamed of my profession…

Not sure when, or how it happened…but we have become the impediment, not the enabler, in the Information Technologies world.

When, as a group, did we stop *asking* what folks needed to get their work done…and start *telling* them what they’d be allowed to have?

I work in the support of the news production business. I build and configure systems and workflows to allow the news guys to collect, process, and publish (to paper or the web) the news. It’s a dynamic business, requiring flexibility and state of the art systems.

Somewhere along the line, corporate IT management has decided that they *KNOW* the news biz, and that instead of us supporting the news guys, that the news guys are somehow subject to the IT management’s whims.

Instead of working with them to find out what’s needed, we are modifiying infrastructure systems to some idiot’s wet dream of a “standardized” platform.

The latest example is in email…yep, corporate IT standardized the email platform. Without warning, they’ve moved accounts and set a purge to 45 days.

News information, contacts, email in support of stories and investigations…all that, they have somehow determined are subject to a corporate 45 day max retention policy.

Whack. Gone. In my case, systems information, contacts with my vendors, instructions, procedures etc.

The decision was made without consideration as to what’s needed to do the job…”we” as IT never even asked. Arrogance. Impediment. Idiocy.

Just the latest in us, the supporters, getting in the way of them, the do-ers.

I’ve no control over this…and nobody’s listening anymore. It’s a damn shame, really. We “were” the best in the business…now we are not even close.

Our users now have to figure out ways around the “system” to get the job done. All that energy and creativity which could be used to make our news products better, more dynamic, and more profitable, instead, consumed in an internal fight to acquire the needed resources to get the job done.

I can’t even begin to explain the sheer frustration I’m feeling…KNOWING how much we could help them, and instead, watching as we hinder. Over, and over, and over again.

And the money is flowing out of the company like water to fund this debacle…

I’m thinking I need to go find something productive to do.

Daniel Meyer

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