Apparently, I am evil. EVIL! (grin)

Several weeks ago, a coworker and friend decided to have laser beams shot into her eyes and all sorts of unpleasantness so that she could see better.

She had both eyes done and was out for several days. Naturally, I was concerned about her and hoped that it would all work out okay.

And then I turned evil…

So, in my world, how do I show my concern for a friend and hope for a full recovery?

Well naturally, I download an eyechart off the internet:

Then I blurred it in Photoshop, printed it out on 11 x 17 paper, and gave it to her as a joke.
Blurred Eyechart

But that’s not the evil part. See, she taped it up on the wall in her office and that’s when my evil mind went to work.

We don’t work the same shift, and often only see each other once a week or so.

So, each week, I blurred it a bit more/differently, printed it out again at 11×17, and taped it on her wall over the old one.
Blurred Eyechart

Naturally I figured she’d notice they’d been changed and check, and find the old ones underneath. She would of course know it was me doing it and retaliate accordingly.

Blurred Eyechart

I hadn’t counted on her having a very tough several weeks. Apparently she would just glance at the chart once and a while, blink, squint, rub her eyes, and worry that her vision was not improving as it should over time.

She did figure it out, and we had a good laugh (and I’m still alive).

Evil I tell you…!

Daniel Meyer

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