Dingbats without a clue…

The most dangerous thing…

My wife worries about me when I’m out on a road trip. My Dad does too. Both have told me so. Mom just sprouts more white hair.

But it’s not the road trips that will get me…it’s the commute.

This morning I had four (!) oncoming cars turn left in front of me. In pairs no less…2 of them at one intersection, 2 at another.

An oncoming car turning left in front of a motorcyclist is the #1 cause of fatal motorcycle wrecks.

At both intersections, had I not been alert to what was going on, I’d have t-boned the 1st car of each pair with lethal force.

Again, at both intersections, had I not been alert to the second car of each pair, it would have run me down during/after my evasion of the 1st car.

I’m not convinced any of the 4 paid any attention to what they had just done, despite my evasions and quite loud Rivco horns.

I just don’t get it. Traffic was very light. My lights are on and working (3 of ’em, totalling ~120 watts!). Visibility was excellent. I was not shielded from view by other vehicles or terrain. I was not speeding.

What were they doing if not actually piloting the cars they were behind the wheel of?

Will they care when another one of us dies?

As far as danger…a cross country road trip pales in comparison. Even Alaska. Even this doesn’t even come close. Even the high speed jaunts up/down Pikes Peak I take at nearly every opportunity don’t require half the skills and alertness one single commute does.

This commute…is arguably the most dangerous thing I do…or have ever done.

I wonder how long I can keep it up?

Daniel Meyer

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