I’ll see you on the road…

Leaving VERY early in the AM for Bellaire, MI…gonna meet some friends there…

Going over the top, through Mackinaw City…

You know…just so I can sing, “Twelve hours out of Mackinaw City I stopped in a bar and had a brew…”

I figure that’s somewhere near the Iowa, Ill border…and that’s about 15 hours out of Dallas. Trying for at least that far tomorrow. I’ll definately need a brew about then…

Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan…yeah, it’s time to get out and run hard.

Oh, and I get to ride the Mackinac bridge. Love that thing. Here’s a pic from the last time I rode over it…that’s my friend James in front of me. I’m going solo this time.

Mackinac Bridge

It’s been a while, James. We need to change that…

Almost exactly 1500 miles, Dallas to Bellaire. The Valk’s ready to go. I suppose I ought to pack.

Maybe I’ll carry the laptop…it’s been having trouble getting started so it may be useless. Durn.

I’ll be gone a week…y’all be safe…if you see a fat guy riding hard on a Valkyrie, wave!

And I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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