Wrapping Presents

Sooo…my Dad’s birthday was a few days ago (his 80th!). Lots of family was coming, including my brother and his kids. My brother’s birthday was not long ago either, and we always get something fun for his kids when we see them, so several gifts were in order.

My Dad had lost his bullet level and wanted a new one…my brother likes interesting wines, and the kids love just about anything so the shopping was over in record time.

A bullet level for Dad, some cheap LED flashlights for the kids, and a bottle of Texas wine (Llano Sweet Red if you must know) for my brother.

The Bullet Level

No problem, right?

Unfortunately my wife left it up to me to wrap the presents.

Ladies, advice here. Never let a man that owns tools wrap the presents.

Anyway, the kids like cool stuff…and I had some scrap PVC pipe and fittings, so I created a screw-top water-proof, food-safe, indistructo flashlight wrapper. I figured they could use them for pencil holders, playing in the bathtub, whatever. It’s cool. Kids will figure out what to do with it.

The Flashlights and wrappings

I took the scrap PVC, glued a cap on one end, and a female adapter/screw top on the other, and presto! Easy open close…about the right size for kids hands, and containing two (each) cool LED flashlights!

The Kids Ready to Go

Dad, being somewhat older and having access to power tools…well, his could be harder to open.

About that size

Since I had no screw-top ends for this size pipe, I just glued caps on both ends. Anybody that has ever worked with schedule 40 pvc knows there is no getting into that without tools.

Dad's Package

Just about done

As for my brother? He lucked out. We just packed the bottle of wine in a bag. Seems I was out of 4″ PVC pipe and fittings.

Daniel Meyer

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