Duct tape on my motorcycle…

Yeah, so, I got a car up the tailpipe (pics at the link).

Y’all know I had to ride, right? While waiting for the insurance company to assign an adjuster, I grabbed a crowbar and some duct tape and rendered The Dragon ridable. Mainly just had to get the fender away from the tire and hold some discomboobulated (technical term) lights in place.

I had several meetings yesterday and was away from my desk at odd times. This caused me and the insurance adjuster to play phone tag as we kept missing each others’ calls.

She works normal hours, so my last call back was after her working hours and she had gone home.

Gone home? Gone home! Bu…but…but…doesn’t she realize the situation is critical?

“Dammit woman! There is duct-tape on my motorcycle!”

Ooops…I guess I should have hung up first. I was talking to her voice mail.

Damaged blinker

Dammit woman! There is Duct tape on my motorcycle!

(no flames for the insurance guys yet please, so far they are doing their job)

Daniel Meyer

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