Updates and other movement…

It’s time I updated the site structure…I am shifting my content under the blog engine for a cleaner/updated look, easier posting, reformatting, and other management. An outdated look, difficulty posting simple content, and some minor navigation errors have prompted the move.

It is time. I launched the site in 2003 (short stories were posted on other site/forums etc even before that).

When I’m done I’ll promote the blog engine to the actual website, replacing all my hand-coded html pages. (phew!)

The effect is that it will be easier and faster for me to post and edit stories/etc. Should result in more content here AND give me more time to work on the books.

Y’all will probably note some changes here and there, and some things that appear incomplete as I get the stuff moved around. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I’ll have everything back on track soon enough.

If you want to buy a few books in the mean-time, please do!

Daniel Meyer

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