Forum Registration Disabled (for now)

Well the spammers seem to have figured out SMF forums…I’ve had several hundred spam registrations in the last few days…this is despite the captcha/etc. I don’t know if they have cracked the captcha (software-wise) or if some third-world shit-hole sweat shop is using slave labor to type it in…but either way, they are getting around it.

Don’t know why they do this…they get deleted, but it does take my time and effort to verify users. It’s a waste of software, bandwidth, and, well, life.

Soooo…I’ve disabled self-registration on the forum for now. Maybe I need a patch (the forum software is current), maybe I need a new forum package…ah well.

Until I figure that out, if you’d like to register for my forum, give me a buzz and I’ll set you up.

Daniel Meyer

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