The edge of the distance…

I am an accomplished distance rider. I’m still not sure if that’s a boast or a shameful admission. A skillful accomplishment to tell people about, or a dark secret best spoken of only in the deepest of nights behind locked doors.

Yep, I’ve done over 600 miles for barbecue. Each way.

Once I rode over a thousand miles (each way!) to surprise my wife with a kiss (she was visiting her parents).

“Hey honey! (***SMOOCH***)
“See ya!”

Tamales in Oklahoma, burgers in Arkansas, ice cream in Louisiana. Yep. Done them all. Occasionally on the same day.

Once I took off after work for a little therapeutic ride. The wife called my cell phone that evening.

“When can you be home?” she asked. Before I could answer I had to figure out what state I was in.

How much can you run in 24 hours though? The question recently came up on the Valkyrie Riders Forum. The real answer is, it depends entirely on the rider. Be safe folks, fatigue is an insidious yet extremely effective killer.

The short of it is, hard riding for long hours, especially in heat or cold (and it’s almost always one or the other) can induce stress and fatigue severe enough to impair judgment and even cause hallucinations.

1000 mile days are pretty common for me…I’d guess my upper limit is somewhere just under 1500 miles.

I’ve done 1500 and a smidgen in 24 hours…and was actually planning on doing some more…I had places to be.

But then a big white wolf walked out of the woods at a gas stop, clearly called me a fu**ing moron, and took my keys.

At that point I decided my judgment was most likely impaired and rented a room at the motel next door.

I got a “no smoking” room but I paid the pet deposit for the wolf.

When I questioned the clerk the next afternoon (yeah, I slept in a bit) about why in the world had they had charged me a deposit for a quote “goddamn big annoying white wolf” she just looked at me nervously and said I insisted.

She also said that I called the desk later and asked if a wolf would eat kibble, or did I need to order him is own pizza?

My memory is fuzzy on the whole thing but there *were* two empty pizza boxes in the room that morning.

Either my judgment *was* somewhat impaired, or the wolf left early. Even odds on which…

Daniel Meyer

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