New brake rotors for The Dragon. The old ones are WAY beyond their service life…probably should have been changed 50,000 miles ago but they remind me of a quote from Jurassic Park (I think):

“Are they heavy?”
“Then they’re expensive, put ’em back.”

Honda Valkyrie Front Rotors

Sooo…next weekend…right before I head out for a 3000 mile ride, I guess I’ll rip the front end off my bike. New rotors, new fork seals and bushings, new brake pads of course…

Let’s see:
1) Just before major road trip–check.
2) At least 100 degrees out–check.
3) No time because of work–check.

No problem. Seems a tradition nowadays…

Minor problem…with the rest of the parts…Pierre, the 26 toed polydactyl Hemingway Maine Coon absconded with the box before I could get them all out!

Pierre, the 26 toed polydactyl Hemingway Maine Coon

Gonna have to convince him to part with the rest of the parts sometime this week.

Pics of the teardown to come!

Daniel Meyer

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