Liberty Sport Motorcycle Eyewear Review (the sequel)

Y’all might recall in this post back in January that I reviewed some high-end riding/sport glasses. The short of it is, yes I liked them, and still do in fact. The “eyecups” on that style have grown on me and are very effective at keeping sand/etc out of your eyes, even in extreme riding conditions (we’ve had a lot of that lately).

These are premium frames with outstanding lenses, and they can also be fitted with prescription lenses as well.

Anyway, I happened to mention to the rep that lenses with reader inserts would be helpful for those of us that for some reason cannot read the maps in our tankbag anymore (can’t imagine why…I’m not getting old…really!), but are not quite ready to go the full prescription route.

Turns out they do have several models with reader inserts available and offered to send me a pair to try out.

I chose the Biker Sun style with 2.5 readers.

Liberty Sport Biker Sun with reader lenses

Liberty Sport Biker Sun with reader lenses

Like the previous Liberty Sports I tried, they came equipped with a very nice semi-rigid, zippered case that does stand up to being packed (or squashed) into a tank or duffle bag. They also come with a strap/string but I have not found it necessary to use that, with or without a helmet.

Short of it is, I’ve been riding extensively with these glasses and I like them.

The earpieces are extremely comfortable and well designed. Even wearing these for hours with a helmet on does not bother my ears. The rubber inserts in the ear pieces also make sure the glasses stay in place even without a helmet.

The reader part of the lens is a clean transition from the regular lens and is not readily visible when looking at the glasses from a distance (for those of us that might be vain about such things). It’s large enough to be effective at glancing down at maps or gauges, but small enough not to distract from the central vision area.

The frames are rugged, comfortable, and have stood up to my normal abuse.

The overall lenses have withstood standard abuse, including flying debris and being dropped several times without scratches or blemishes, and unlike many cheaper sport sunglasses, the earpieces cannot touch the lenses when folded (eliminating my most common source of scratches).

Overall a positive experience.

-Well designed
-Good styling/look nice
-Comfortable (even after hours of wear)
-Durable (ANSI rated)
-Stay in place (even without helmet)

Cons are:
-Price: You get what you pay for and these are high end. The MSRP is $139. Given the cost of fuel and oil nowadays, and remembering what I pay for a good pair of boots, I feel this is reasonable.
-Availablilty: These are not available online, you must visit a retailer (you would have to anyway if you need ‘scripts). They do have an extensive retailer network though…as an example there are 35 outlets within 10 miles of my home.

I’ve noticed that even my northern friends are awakening their machines from their winter slumber…it may be time to take a look and maybe upgrade your riding gear as well.

I’ll see you on the road!

Daniel Meyer

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