High Speed and Black Leather…

An illicit lunch run involving high-speed and tight black leather.

Ohh baby. So tight.

Careful…let me get it in there…


Gawd I needed that!

It’s an indulgence…one I won’t give up.

Probably not the one you’d think!

Good gear is important. I am picky about my riding gloves.

There’s one model of one brand…in one size that I’ll wear for summer riding. You’ll catch me without a helmet before you’ll catch me without these gloves.

Thirty-five years of riding have taught me some lessons…this is one of them. Comfortable. Flawless fit. Nothing fancy. No ribbed armor or gel packs. Just fine stitching and proper fit (fingers the correct length, thumb to finger correct size). These matter. Tight, almost uncomfortably so to start, within a couple rides well-made gloves mold to your hands. These are expensive.

It’s almost if they were made just for me.

These gloves have saved a life.

I get about a year of use out of a pair of these…then they begin to loosen and tear. I don’t even sweat it. Time to get some new ones.

Took off at lunch today. Hit the 85mph freeways and zipped through the traffic to find me some.

Old ones off.

New ones on. Oooo…almost better than sex.

Y’all pardon me whilst I fawn over some tight black leather…

Olympia Sports 101’s if you must know. Buy ’em tight.

Daniel Meyer

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