Iron Man and Flying Chicken

Sooo…the wife and I headed out with friends last night to see “Iron Man 3”.

Iron Man 3

Quick review:
If you are attending this movie for deep social insight and commentary, or expecting any close adherence to the laws of physics or even basic biology, you will be disappointed.

However, if you are attending this movie to see Robert Downy Jr. as Tony Stark being snarky and just plain awesome, and Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in nothing but panties and a sports bra (Yyrrraawwlll!)…as well as to see a host of things explode, fly, or just plain go fast, you’ll love it. Awesome sets, awesome effects. Lots of “boom.”

The critics say, “It’s more of the same.” but, yanno…that’s really what you expect when you go to “Iron Man 3“, especially if you liked the first two. If you didn’t like the first two, and you are attending #3, I would suggest you reevaluate your thinking skills.

Anyway, we loved it. We’ll probably see it again, and will buy the DVD…to go with the first two, which should be obvious, we also liked. High entertainment value, little thought required. Just the thing that’s needed at times.

A side of Honey Mustard:
Unfortunately, it came with a side of flying chicken. We went to see this at Studio Movie Grill, a local chain of theaters that serve dinner with the movie. We’ve attended here for years (Hey! Dinner AND a show!). Pizza night is a good deal, and because I work 3.2 billion hours every week we often don’t have time for dinner and a movie separately during one evening…at least not if I want to make any attempt at all at pretending I sleep.

The wife ordered coconut chicken tenders and they come with fries and sauce. She asked for honey mustard and ranch.

Boy, did they deliver.

They apparently use “runners” to deliver the food…a different person than your waitress/waiter. The “runner” managed to reach over the wife’s shoulder and dump the bowl of tenders/fries/sauces right down her front and in her lap. He and the wife frantically scooped the mess into the bowl (less of a disaster than it could have been), but then the dude just handed us some napkins and departed, leaving her with the bowl of mess and the mess on her for dinner.

That was a bad thing…if he is a food “runner” he should be trained how NOT to spill the food, and if an accident happens (hey, it’s inevitable and even a bit understandable), he should be trained to help, summon help, etc.

The wife headed for the ladies room to clean up some and I summoned the waitress and explained what happened in case it wasn’t glaringly obvious.

So…it’s already gone bad…it can go two ways now…better or worse.

Fortunately they stepped up. The waitress immediately took the old food, told me she’d be right back to clean up the area (and she was), and that she would put in a new order for us.

Then she fetched a manager. When he got there the wife was back. He gave the her a Studio Movie Grill tee-shirt to wear, promised to pay the cleaning bill if we needed it (we don’t, we ARE reasonable people and it will wash out fine the normal laundry), and he comped our dinner.

Easy. No undue drama, fair, and while we would have been happier without the spill in the first place, we left satisfied, and we will return.

Anyway…good movie. Watch out for the flying chicken!

Daniel Meyer

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