Took the wife out to the movies last night. Went for the scify.

Gravity” is an outstanding, riveting, truly entertaining and very well done film. I’ve heard grumblings rumbling about the internet about some of the physics of it…but seriously, the engineer in me found so few issues as to be irrelevant, and they got so much so beautifully *right* that it is a truly enjoyable, plot and character driven film…a rarity nowadays.

*Especially* when we consider the many other movies we enjoy that require such a “suspension of disbelief” in the absolutely basic physics of the world that ya just sort of have to say, “Meh” and go on with the story. For me, “Gravity” only had one of those moments…and honestly…I feel like what they showed was correct if one little assumption is made…and they didn’t fail with the physics, what they failed at was showing the casual viewer exactly what was happening. A minor point.

One major “WTH…aww no way!” moment…turns out not to be, but telling you why would be a spoiler.

One other plot point in the beginning…that really defines the upcoming “serious” issue that the movie revolves around, bothered me until I thought about it.

I initially thought that NASA would have taken that event more seriously and shutdown the spacewalk immediately (no spoilers here…the movie opens with a spacewalk), but after pondering it, realized that seemingly reckless choice was *exactly* the same kind of “eh, we do this all the time, no worries” thing that here in the real world…HAS resulted in two disintegrated shuttles.

We saw it in 3D…because that’s what they had at the time we could go…but as usual, I found the glasses to be distracting and detracting…I mean, we have these GORGEOUS, bright, digital projectors that astound the mind with the vista of images they produce…and we’re gonna put on polarized glasses that make the screen dim and dingy…so we can see a few subtle effects.

As in Avatar, the beauty and story in the movie is so absorbing, the 3D comes across as just a gimmick.

Outstandingly cast, very well acted, absolutely gorgeous, seamless special effects, and totally absorbing. Contrary to the advertising…it is not a suspense film. It is character driven action, taken to a very high (heh heh) level. If you like hard scify and an uplifting adventure…Go see it.


Daniel Meyer

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