A little project (me)

I’ve been busy of late…work pressures, misbehaving vehicles, home and business repairs…

And a little project…

Mainly…ME. I’m the project.

I’ve been battling weight all my life. I’ve more recently figured out that the main reason is I pay very little attention to my own needs in that regard…intently focusing on other, more important tasks at hand. Work, family, STUFF…all comes first…particularly the work.

I finally figured out I’ve been selling my health to my job for the last 30 years…and not only was it not really buying me anything…they weren’t keeping their end of the bargain.

I’ve shifted a lot of that focus onto a new job. Me. Oh, I still do my job…and I’m good at it…but they are getting what they pay for and not a lot more.

So…been working on losing weight. No surgery. No packaged meals. No fad diet. Simple, focused, dedication to the task at hand. It takes effort. It takes looking at the simple answers nobody really wants to hear and embracing them…instead of justifying some, more palatable conclusion.

It takes ignoring the multi-billion industry that’s trying to sell us products because we don’t like the rather simple answers to “how to lose weight”.

It takes ignoring the OTHER multi-billion dollar industry that trying to sell us highly processed stuff that they’re calling food because it’s extremely profitable. This one has a head start…they’ve been pimping this crap in a hard sell to us since we were born.

It takes fighting against extremely powerful instincts, cravings, and drives every second of every day. Your body does not WANT to lose weight…and fights it at every turn.

Carbs and calories are the key. Less of both. The KINDS of carbs matter too…but we all know that when we stop to think about it.

A lifetime of habits and being taught to eat exactly the wrong things is a hard thing to undo.

Damn near impossible in fact. Anybody that thinks it’s easy has no clue what they’re talking about and has never battled a real weight problem. The success rate for folks trying to lose more than 10% of their body-weight and keep it off is absolutely dismal. Habit, genetics, marketing, and social pressures are all stacked against them.

Oh look. Work’s bringing free donuts in for us again.

But I’m focused. And it’s working. I’ve lost more than 30% of my body-weight.

Here’s me a few years back…

Here’s me today.

The numbers are shameful. I find it hard to understand how I let it get this bad.

I’ve lost 100 pounds from my peak…the vast majority of that in the last 18 months.

I haven’t been this size since ohhh…1990 or so.

I’ve gone from a 60-inch (!!) jean to a 44-inch regular cut jean.

I cleaned out my closet this week…disposing of the too-big stuff, and pulling stuff out of the top of my closet I couldn’t wear for years. I disposed of a lot of that also as it was too big.

There’s nothing left in it that I can’t wear…and I really need to buy some “regular” clothes! Feels weird…

I’ve still got more to lose…but I have my teeth in it now.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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