Side effects…

There were a few years in there where I couldn’t zip this jacket. Even before that it was always tight.

Nothing fits. Jeans are too big and I need at least 15″ taken out of this jacket.

Then I went to work on that problem. Lost some weight and some inches. Felt good about it.

But I wasn’t done…this year I embarked to actually “get in shape” and elevated myself to the top of my to-do list…and then cranked the entire process up to eleven.

It’s working…I’m in the best shape of my life at the moment…and still have a long way to go.

My jacket though…is problematic. With fall temperatures beginning to occasionally show themselves…I had to pull it out this week.

It’s a tent. A 35-pound, heavy leather tent.

With my initial weight loss, I had 8″ taken out of this jacket a year ago.

Now it needs even more gone…

I don’t think I can get ’em to cut it down another FIFTEEN inches…

Not sure what to think about that. I was trying to pinpoint when I bought this thing…well more than 30 years ago…it was the first “luxury” I ever bought for myself after I lost a home in 1981-2 ish?

If I recall correctly I paid the “princely” sum of around $90 for it…which would have been about a week’s pay after taxes in those days.

So I’ll just go with 35 years I’ve been wearing this jacket. I possess nothing else that I’ve had even remotely that long.

It’s been on fire, covered in mud, rain, ice, snow, dust, acid, diesel fuel, gasoline, and blood. It’s been scraped, stabbed through (me too–flying piece of a truck split rim), “refinished” with black spray paint, and has probably saved my life at least three times over the years (not counting just weather).

There’s a lot of memories in that leather. Quite a bit of pain too. Some may be best left behind me.

I suppose I need to go shopping…

Left: 427 pounds. Right: 172 pounds lighter.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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