Where were we?

Ah yes…


-86 of that since February this year alone.

21% body fat…which…believe it or not…puts me solidly in the “healthy” range.

Strange I still don’t see it in that damn man in the mirror. Him…I need to figure out some way to come to terms with.

Anyway…21%. I’m going for a “fit” 15%…which is achievable but ambitious on a 50+ year old…

Side note: Just when the HELL did I get “old”?

Addendum to the side note: I’ve decided that despite my doctor’s philosophy…that fuck no…I’m not going to accept aging gracefully.

Continuing to rock it…lots of room for improvement though. Always will be. And I REALLY need to quit pranging (technical term) my shoulders.

If I work hard enough to *not* lose any muscle in the process…that leaves about 18 pounds to lose.

Heh…and only 14 pounds to go to hit my goal, set in February, of losing 100 pounds this year. (looks at calendar) It’ll be a close thing…but that doesn’t worry me. I knew this was a long burn when I started it.

I’m *not* done. I’m *not* satisfied. But I *am* pleased. I haven’t seen these numbers on a scale (that I was standing on anyway) since high-school…

Now…if I can just figure out how to come to terms with that man in the mirror…and survive that process.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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