Shoulder surgery (the 1st one anyway) is done. I’m uncomfortable but will survive this and come out the other side better for it.

Follow up with the surgeon in a few days to get a handle on exactly how successful it was, but the indications at this time are quite positive that I will regain full function. He was apparently able to salvage BOTH the large muscles (that were torn completely off and retracted).

I’m…encouraged, but will know more in a few days.

Still quite uncomfortable, but can get in the car and fasten the seatbelt…so I’m working today.

If I’m gonna be miserable and in pain, I may as well be getting paid for it.

It’s amazing…and scary…that they’ll do this sort of major surgery under full anesthesia, then chuck you out the door a couple hours afterward with very basic instructions…and not need a follow up for 8 days.

I also now understand why they truss me up in a sling at all times…it’s not the voluntary movements that’ll get you in trouble…it’s the involuntary ones…especially if you’re normally the active type…lunging after something dropped…that sort of thing…

Pretty sure I tried to punch somebody in a dream last night…that hurt…but would have been seriously bad for this surgery had I not been constrained in the sling…

And of course…we’re having IDEAL riding weather today.

Sigh. Gonna be a long recovery…

I’ll see you on the road.

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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