Surgical followup Friday on my massive “irreparable” right shoulder rotator cuff. Two top muscles (they have fancy names I can’t pronounce, remember OR spell) were torn completely off and retracted. Doesn’t get very much more severe.

Excellent results. Surgeon is skilled, passionate, and proud…he was to attempt to recover the muscles but if he couldn’t (no longer viable), he was prepared to do a Arthroscopic superior capsule reconstruction, which is not ideal, but the best available option for mobility.

The expectation going in was some combination of the two was most likely…and that I would be “better” than current mobility (which, not only sucked…was damaging the joint to cause much more serious problems down the line).

He worked to achieve much more than we expected. He recovered both muscles that were torn off. Difficult surgery. Long recovery for me because the ligaments were totally separated and will be slow to heal.

TWO other surgeons had told me my only option was a reverse shoulder replacement…and that is totally unacceptable, last-ditch, compromised mobility (bordering on disability) sort of thing.

Anyway…follow up yesterday. Discussion. Ultrasound to check on the work. All ideal…as in…could not have wished for a better outcome.

Five more weeks in the sling…6 months of rehab (and somewhere in there…a surgery on the other shoulder, which is not as severe).

I expect to get 95% or better capability back…I’ll be shooting for the better.

It occurs to me that I have a rather disturbingly large number of pictures of the INSIDE of my body collected over the years…

Also saw my GP…
A1C = 5.1 (excellent)
All blood-work dead-normal.
232 pounds.
That’s -195 (-95 since last February)

It didn’t kill me. And what does not kill me…well…you know the drill.

This enforced convalescence stuff is for the birds though 🙂

A note:
I wanted this result…I asked for this result…I worked for this result (and WILL work further)…I *expected* this result. Anything less spelled the end to several key and important parts of my life and was nigh on unthinkable…

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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