On neglecting your mistress…

Dragon Piss

Y’all might recall I’m recovering from shoulder surgery…this means my arm’s in a sling…and my doc says “don’t ride.”

Now, I’m often given to ignoring doctors advice, but in this case, what he means is, “If the tendons don’t get a chance to heal back to the bone you’re gonna permanently lose function in that arm…” so I’m highly motivated to get this right.

Translation: The universe is topsy-turvey and I can’t ride.

Ya know what a Dragon does when you’ve been riding her nearly daily for over 17 years and you suddenly ignore her for several weeks?

She pisses all over the garage floor. That’s what she does.

Fickle little minx…

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

ps: The issue is the Shifter Shaft Seal, which is not a big deal…if you have two arms at your disposal anyway…

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