What the when now?

Not Morning Person

Many of y’all that have been following my attempted physical transformation are familiar with me using the term “0-stupid-30” as this is normally the time I end up working out.

“0-stupid-30” is a somewhat relative term that generally indicates a time of early morning where normal, reputable folks are not found. It’s somewhat after the drunks have made it home (or crashed) and somewhat before the tradesmen are out loading up their tools and materials, and fueling their trucks.

Friday, due to other considerations and some scheduled appointments, my workout had to be *earlier* than “0-stupid-30”.

Like an hour earlier.

I was toying with what to call this piece of the night that so few ever see…possibly “0-stupid-30-minus-1” but that seemed a bit awkward.

The wife unknowingly settled the debate. I may have mentioned she’s NOT a morning person…and I woke her with a kiss on my way out the door.

“What time is it?” she moaned.

I told her.

“What. The. Hell.” says my sweet little demure southern girl that very seldom swears. She was asleep before she finished the statement. It was definitely NOT a question.

And so the term was coined.

“What-The-Hell-0-Clock” it is.

I’m pretty sure there’s a statement regarding my sanity in there somewhere.

Oh, and close to 2 hours later when I returned, I again woke her with a kiss.

She blinked, “You’re going to work out now? Have a good one!”

*plop* *snooooozzzzzeeee*

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer
You can read more about my fitness journey here.

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