Viking Cycle Perforated Gloves–A Review

This spring Viking Cycle provided me with a couple of products to review.

First up is a pair of summer gloves to review. Those of you that have been following me know I go through a LOT of gloves (at least a pair a season, often TWO pairs…and Texas has a lot of seasons!) and am fairly picky about the fit and quality of them.

As a lifetime daily commuter and also a distance rider one lesson is that minor irritations add up to big problems on the road. Make sure your gear and your machine suit you.

Critical things with gloves include fit and cut.

Fit means fingers are the correct length and hug the hand. Tight without restricting.

Cut is how the gloves are sewn/structured. With a tight glove on, and your hand at rest, your fingers should be curved more or less in the same manner as your hand at rest with no glove. If they are not, the glove itself will be fatiguing just in maintaining your grip on your handlebars.

For a spring/summer I chose a perforated glove. I would classify the Viking glove as a medium weight, good in the heat and also in a variety of lower temperatures. I expect it would be comfortable down to about 40 degrees for short duration, 50 degrees indefinitely. In the Texas climate this is a “early spring all the way to late fall” glove.

I am quite happy with these gloves. I generally get gloves tight and let them “work in” to a perfect fit, and the size of these is as expected.

The cut is quite good, fitting finger length/palm and hand curve/orientation nicely. The palms are slightly padded and the knuckles are lightly armored. They are very comfortable.

The stitching is excellent and they are well made. They are holding up well to my normal abuse with no leather damage or loose stitching. The Velcro wrist closures are sturdy and well attached.

I can easily fetch my wallet, fish out a credit card, key digits on a gas pump/etc without removing them. Key for me on a distance run.

Fingertip “touch-screen” coating.

The only issue I’ve noted is the first two fingertips on each hand have a “touch-screen” coating. That is beginning to slightly peel. This is just the coating, the fingertip underneath is still solid. The touch coating still works, though this is not a feature I depend on as I use a motorcycle-specific GPS and the touch screen is calibrated for gloved hands.

Given the quality and features of these gloves at their bargain price-point and they are an excellent value. They cost around 30% less than my usual gloves and are easily as comfortable and durable. I will use these again.

These are the particular model glove I reviewed: (linky)

Other gloves available at Viking: (linky)

They have jackets and other gear as well at what seems a good price-point.

Viking also markets in the UK and “Down Under” so if you’re there, hit up your local sites:
Viking AU
Viking UK

Full disclaimer: Viking provided these gloves to me for review.
Full full disclaimer: If I didn’t like them I wouldn’t say I do…and I DO like them.

I’ll see you on the road,
Daniel Meyer

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