So, just over a week ago I had skin removal surgery.

Hard work can only do so much…and I did it.

Having lost 210+ pounds, achieved sub 15% body fat, added some muscle, beat diabetes, tuned up my cardio-vascular system to better than it’s been since I was a teen, has put me literally, in the best shape of my life.


See, the extra skin does’t go away. There’s no cream, magic cure, exercise, miracle laser, etc that will do anything for it.

It has to be cut off. A lesser weight loss and many will not need it done. For me it became functional, inhibiting movement and causing injury if I did was “aggressively mobile”.

This is not a decision I made lightly. It’s a serious surgery.

Turns out I’m also recovering from hernia surgery…

Ah, so THAT’S why THAT particular pain seems so familiar. Ugh.

So, y’all have heard the term “tummy tuck”? Sounds innocuous right? That’s ONE of the procedures that was part of my surgery last week.

Thing is…tummy tuck is a nice, innocent sounding name for a HELL of an intrusive procedure.

They actually cut along the bikini/pubic line, peel the entire skin layer (and any fat) off CLEAR above your naval, then chop, stretch, sew, fit etc. to remove the extra and make everything fit nicely.

Google/youtube it if you still think “tummy tuck” (also known as abdominoplasty) sounds like a minor thing.

IF YOU ARE NOT the queasy type, here’s a picture of some of what they removed from me. That’s a 12″ ruler in the center of it.. linky linky to graphic pic

But there’s something else…since the abdominal muscles are completely exposed at this point, any and all muscle damage (common from pregnancy in women, hernias/strains in men, etc) is repaired. Obesity by itself causes muscle separation here as well.

I had a pretty severe hernia repaired via lathroscopy and mesh about 5 years ago. As good as my surgeon was at that time, these are patch jobs, done to repair the acute problem with as minimal intrusion as possible.

In a “tummy tuck”…with the abs exposed, they repair EVERYTHING…

So it turns out my old repair was reworked, and other defects corrected. I had a few. Lifetime of hard work and all that.

So yeah, all the pain of the massive incisions AND the hernia recovery as well.

In those moments when the pain from something over 70” of incisions isn’t at the forefront…I had that familiar ab agony…yep…I’m also recovering from a massive hernia repair.

Fun! 🙂

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