My current look….

The pain, the recovery, the interruption of my routine, work, and other aspects of my life, the expense, and the feelings of weakness or “inability” all add up.

What does it mean?

Meh. Not much. I’ve got this…

But there are the nightmares to go along with it.

What bothers the self-made man that preaches resilience? What phases the man that’s seen the things I’ve seen?

Probably NOT the usual. Monsters and demons don’t phase me the least as I’ve faced worse in real life than my brain can ever cook up. Sometimes won, sometimes not. Ironically, Due to the very surgery causing me the pain, I no longer bear the external scars from most of that stuff LOL! All got taken off in favor of some brand new ones.

As always…there’s enough of a seed of truth to make the thing legit…at least in the dark of night…in this case…my ability to protect and provide and face off the dark things in the world and hold on to the light things I’ve built my life around.

When ya think, “I’ve got this…” and then your brain spends an eternity in the night replaying every failure, every bad decision, every serious pain…and telling ya, “You think so?”

Heh…yeah. Subtle. I’d have slapped it with a margarita but I’m not all that much of a drinker and it would interfere with the healing anyway….

This too shall pass.

I’ll see you on the road…soon enough anyway.

Daniel Meyer

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