A post/surgery fitness update…

For those following this fitness journey of mine…I owe you an update!

I originally started blogging this stuff for a couple reasons…heh…partly because it’s become habit for me to blog stuff to help organize my thoughts, and later, because some folks were following along and told me recording my struggles and progress was helpful.

*shrugs* I’m a writer. It’s what we do.

So along those lines, I resolved to blog the good AND the bad of this journey. Transparent. Well…as transparent as the Fat Man in the mirror can be anyway.

It’s been 3 months since my skin removal surgery…and while I’m on schedule for recovery, it’s not quite as far along as I’d like.

Current state is the numbness around the incisions is fading fast, and the result is they are quite sensitive and incorrectly “stimulating” any area on or near an incision results in a pronounced weakness/shocky/shudder that follows the entire lengths of them…and that’s somewhat over 6 feet of ’em!

It’s annoying…BUT, it is NOT overly painful…just somewhat surprising when it occurs (and it’s getting more frequent/intense) and has more impact on my mood and abilities/performance than I want to “allow”.

It’s also not unexpected really, as I AM where I and my surgeon expect me to be in my recovery. This was a serious/major surgery and the issue is basically a stage in the healing. I knew from the get-go that 6 months is the “full recovery” period.

Sings in my best Bon Jovi voice “OhhhOhh, we’re halfway there!”

With the surgeon’s blessing I’m back in the gym, and progressing rapidly back to “pre-surgical” performance. Despite some real improvement, I’m NOT there yet…as I proved to myself with some rather lackluster dead-lifts this week. I didn’t hurt myself or anything…I’ve learned good form and to listen to my body…and I hit a certain weight (315 pounds I think) and it didn’t feel right and I didn’t complete the lift. I ended up with a max 2 of 290 I think (I’m a bit fuzzy on the weight of the trap bar I was using). Anyway, I’ve done the higher number and more before.

Didn’t feel “right”. One of the tricks is deciding whether the “shut it down” signal is a real limitation or your brain…I am uncertain here, but willing to work my way back and want to avoid injury.

Now…the “full disclosure” for those following along…it’s not all good news. The bad news is that I’ve let my weight creep up 10 pounds since the surgery.

Not quite as bad as it sounds, as a couple pounds of that is added muscle. The important number is body-fat percentage which I’ve let go over 20%. Not good…

I AM still dealing with rather random swelling/puffiness/water retention as an after-effect of the surgery and experience shows that can dramatically impact the InBody scan…


Let’s not make excuses here…the numbers are slowly rising and consistent. I could list lots of reasons…heck, “post surgical swelling” sounds great and is even validated by my surgeon.

…BUT…consistent numbers tell the undeniable story.

…and excuses don’t get the job done. That right there…the head game…is the ONE thing that matters most in this journey.

This is on me, plain and simple. I’m not watching the diet (specifically the quality of it) close enough, and not exercising enough to overcome that.

The exercise I’ve been phasing in…and I think I’ve been hitting it as hard as is wise to do so. Continuous improvement of my performance is a sign of that.

But the diet I CAN control. That’s on me, and I’m disappointed in myself. Many have heard me say, “I’m not going back to what I was.”

That’s an “all costs” thing. But it’s slow and insidious. It requires attention. It mandates the head-game.

On the other hand…I am solidly in the “fit” category of the world…and in better shape than I’ve been in my entire adult life.

But that’s not good enough.

So, 20 pounds or so to hit 15% body fat…and I know how to do that.

It’s time I got back to work.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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