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Yet another…

It’s been a tough year for quadra-peds at the Meyer Casa… Shorty’s been having a hard time getting around…and it became rather acute a couple months back. Off to the vet we went. Turned out he was MUCH older than … Continue reading

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Saturday morning, Pierre, the massive polydactyl Maine Coon, appeared a bit listless…not his usual social self. late Saturday night/early Sunday morning we realized neither of us had seen him in a while so we went on a search. He was … Continue reading

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I’ve no idea…

I was sooo sick this weekend. Unusual for me. Saturday I was shifting between wishing the world would end, and actively getting up and ending the damn thing myself. Alfred, in ‘The Dark Knight’ says, “Some men just want to … Continue reading

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Cool story/pics…

Pretty cool story at this link Short of it is a hawk gets hit by a car, and survives. Cute pic…so I had to caption it: The Hawk says, “Please don’t text and drive.” CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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After a fabulous morning commute, slamming the big motorcycle down the freeways in perfect temperatures, gorgeous blue skies, and light traffic, I pulled to a stop beside an SUV at a stoplight in downtown Dallas. I glanced over at the … Continue reading

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All the essentials…

I carry a medium sized black duffel bag to work on my commute. It holds my laptop, lunch, clear riding glasses (it will be dark when I get off work), and other stuff. A duffel because they are cheap and … Continue reading

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Beware…Yet another scam…

We used to order flea stuff, and as a result were signed up for “Complete Savings”…an outfit that charges you $12/mo to send you an email with coupon codes. We never gave that outfit our credit card number, they … Continue reading

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Geronimo…the new kitten…helped with the filing today… He’s even equipped with a built-in shredder! CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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We were apparently assigned two… Well, in the end, we only got one. See, two, is too many. Two, is nearly as many cats as I’ve owned in my lifetime (3)…and I still have one of those. Okay, well, 4 … Continue reading

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Y’all might recall these two posts about Zerbert…the big black lab… This can’t be good News… We had to put Zerbert down this afternoon. He DID have a sinus infection, and the antibiotics cleared it right up (hence why he … Continue reading

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