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Da Altima…

Y’all might recall we had some serious storm damage back in March (here) that damaged well…pretty much everything we own. The wife’s ride…Da Altima…was one of the things…every panel on the car was damaged by hail. The only reason it … Continue reading

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The Cupola is Opening!

Kind of a big deal to us…we are opening a shop in our historic building on the Clarksville Square! The Cupola On the Historic Clarksville Square 131 North Locust Street Clarksville, Texas 75426 Opening Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 10 … Continue reading

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Ride ’em hard…fix ’em when they break.

Ride ’em hard…fix ’em when they break. That’s a philosophy…and not just about motorcycles. I apply it to pretty much everything. Life, and the people and things in it…are meant to be touched, felt, ridden, flown, enjoyed, and in short…experienced. … Continue reading

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Who are you (Update)

Regarding the post Friday about the guy taking pictures of our house that took off in his white van (THE vehicle of choice for sex offenders everywhere!) when confronted by our houseguest: Well, turns out he was upset with the … Continue reading

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Are you listening?

They really do talk…if you take the time to listen…and believe. On my commute home…northbound on US75. Traffic was heavy, very heavy…and getting worse the direction I was headed. Up ahead I could see the eastbound ramp to I635 was … Continue reading

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16,000 Gallons. Update!

UPDATE on this post: Called the city this morning. The service guy said, “I’ll check it out.” The billing lady said, “We can see the usage over the last three months spiked. We’ll adjust the bill.” Got home from work … Continue reading

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16,000 Gallons.

Ur…heh…I’m thirsty apparently. The utility bill came today. In our city, electricity, water, sewer, and trash pickup are all on the same bill. I seldom give it a glance if the $$ amount is in a “reasonable” or normal range … Continue reading

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Boom goes up. Boom goes down. Boom goes up. Boom goes down…

Playing with the new toy…ur…tool…TOOL today. TOOL. Wanted to get used to the boom movement/bounce etc…since I haven’t been on a boom truck since my Llamco Electric days…gad…30ish years ago…and that was a squirt boom instead of a knuckle boom… … Continue reading

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Big day…

Big day tomorrow. I’m writing a “heap-big-check”… Well, big at least, when compared to the monthly cable bill or something LOL! We’re closing on this tomorrow… More pics This has vast implications on my writing/books/etc. Among other things…(art studio, coffee … Continue reading

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A day off…

Had a tough week this week…lots of work at work…too much to do. Not enough folks to do it. Everything on deadline. We’re getting told about projects now, AFTER the “go live” date has already passed. Everything is busy. Phone … Continue reading

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