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Viking Cycle-Sport/Street Medium Backpack Review

This spring Viking Cycle provided me with a couple of products to review. I reviewed a pair of gloves from them here. Yep, I’m still using them. Next up up is a backpack. Now, i’m normally NOT a backpack kind … Continue reading

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Viking Cycle Perforated Gloves–A Review

This spring

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Took the wife out to the movies last night. Went for the scify. “Gravity” is an outstanding, riveting, truly entertaining and very well done film. I’ve heard grumblings rumbling about the internet about some of the physics of it…but seriously, … Continue reading

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Iron Man and Flying Chicken

Sooo…the wife and I headed out with friends last night to see “Iron Man 3”. Quick review: If you are attending this movie for deep social insight and commentary, or expecting any close adherence to the laws of physics or … Continue reading

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I wonder if I’d like them….

Sooo…today, in inception-like universe ending paradoxical style, recommended that I read my own books. While that is SURE to get the sales numbers up, maybe ya’ll could buy them instead and let me know how they end. The universe … Continue reading

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High Speed and Black Leather…

An illicit lunch run involving high-speed and tight black leather. Ohh baby. So tight. Careful…let me get it in there… OoooohhhhYeeaahhhh! Gawd I needed that! It’s an indulgence…one I won’t give up. Probably not the one you’d think! Good gear … Continue reading

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Liberty Sport Motorcycle Eyewear Review (the sequel)

Y’all might recall in this post back in January that I reviewed some high-end riding/sport glasses. The short of it is, yes I liked them, and still do in fact. The “eyecups” on that style have grown on me and … Continue reading

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