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Accidental Travelage

Went to lunch with a friend…had to pick from the Meyer motor-pool. May have accidentally grabbed the bike keys. Holy crap that felt good!!!!! Wife: “Did your doctors tell you that you could ride?” Me: “Ahem…Technically….they never told me I … Continue reading

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This, that, there.

Leaving there: On that: Down there: Something like this: From up there: Hit that: Breaking this: And that: BARELY missing this: So that: Stayed there: But I had this: In there: And these: So I could get there: To find … Continue reading

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Had to refill the “stop”…

An early morning service. Seems I ran completely out of “stop” on the commute home yesterday. Had to add more…otherwise…the commute to work would be interesting. No problem getting there…just wouldn’t be able to stop and work… CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

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It’s a balmy, if a bit chilly night…and I’m finally wrapping up work. Sort of. That’s the problem with being self-motivated and salaried in an industry that never stops. There’s always something. I’m in a bleak mood. The loss of … Continue reading

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The Cost…

After a few days of typical Fall cold-snap, Texas is back to warm days and balmy nights. Fifty miles from the city, after dark, the roads belong to me. Few venture out…wrapped up in the mundane tasks of living. A … Continue reading

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42 degrees….and me riding in a t-shirt, jeans, and light gloves. State trooper at a gas stop: “You’re one of those…distance riders aren’t you?” His tone seemed to indicate I should be in quarantine or something…like what I have is … Continue reading

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Protocol follow up…

Regarding yesterday’s post, I promised to update you on how I handled it and discuss the issue some more. First, how I handled it… I was basically looking out the door of the station when I watched her spit in … Continue reading

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What…exactly…is the protocol?

A thousand pounds of man and machine, blasting through the Texas heat, burning up miles, road, and rider. Not comfortable. Not at all. Picture climbing into your attic on a hot summer’s day and trying to cool yourself off using … Continue reading

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You might be a distance rider if…

Just sayin’

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Friday night…

Flying down the highway on a eastbound run. Should get to Clarksville, and my warm willing woman just any time. Gorgeous night for a run…balmy Texas weather. Pure magic. Been enjoying myself. Absorbed in the music,the gorgeous night sky, and … Continue reading

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