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Never gonna stop…

Sleep wouldn’t come. The Dragon called. I tweaked the wife on the butt, rolled out of bed, and quietly dressed. It was time to ride. Something’s at the edge of your mind You don’t know what it is… Weaving through … Continue reading

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Setbacks…part two? Three? Ah hell I’ve lost count…

So…on St. Patricks day (March 17) an intense storm clobbered Clarksville and seriously damaged the Cupola Art building AND damaged the roof on the Old Vic. Pictures of THAT damage here: Setbacks Oh hail… We are still not certain quite … Continue reading

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Heat’s supposed to break tonight…

The summer heat is supposed to break tonight. Phew! Good thing! I’ve got stuff to do! This picture was on the way back from the Old Vic Sunday (notice the temp): No wonder I took a siesta that day! CUAgain, … Continue reading

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Interesting weather this weekend. We had a 45 degree temperature drop in something like 36 hours…and then got 6 inches of snow that actually stuck… Our normal “last freeze” was 10 days ago. Another cool, wet summer coming? Gotta love … Continue reading

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Balmy nights, pleasant days. Well…almost…if you squint a bit. Spring is here…or so close by as to make no difference. And those nights…those nights are just plain magic…and the thunderstorms…they hunt me yet again. Or maybe it’s the other way … Continue reading

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Most. Snow. Ever.

We had a foot of snow here yesterday. That’s the most snow in a 24 hour period…ever…for this area. Yeah, I know you northern types are sneering over your 12 foot snowbanks at us…but you have to imagine…it just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Good thing it wasn’t severe…

The five o’clock news last evening said we were due for some scattered showers, but “nothing severe”. I took the wife to the movies…fortunately we took her car. She’s not as fond of looking like a drowned rat as I … Continue reading

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Now *THAT’S* a commute…

Points at yesterday’s post… That’s not a commute. THIS is a commute! (points at pics below) 80mph+ on The Dragon…paralleling the storm…barely beating it to work. Big, fat drops. Some spatterings of hail. Lightning snapping down from horizon to horizon, … Continue reading

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My wife…the gadget freak.

It dawned on me today that my wife is a gadget freak. It shouldn’t have surprised me, after all, I’m one myself. I love gadgets. For Christmas last year, my Dad gave me a little electronic thermometer…it has a battery … Continue reading

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Hey, winter!

Well, I missed it this year. I predicted winter would be on February 21 and 22. Instead, it was on March 4th. The pic below (thanks Mike) was the scene at the farm this morning…several inches of rare March snow. … Continue reading

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