(2nd book) Get On It and Ride!

Life Is a Road, Get On it and Ride reviews
‘…I know the risks, and moderate them when I can, but still I press on, even into adversity. There are very few things I fear, and even this situation was not one of them.

But still…every now and then…just once and a while…

I wonder…I question…I seek to understand why…

Beaten to the edge of rationality, stunned beyond the capability of comprehension, between racking sobs and painful gasps for breath I screamed into the chaos,

“What in the bloody hell am I doing out here?”

I was not really expecting an answer…’

Through a series of adventures told with humor and passion, Life is a Road, Get on it and Ride captures the essence of the motorcycling experience and carries the reader where few have ventured before. Take a wild ride into the magical worlds along the highways of America and a passionate tour through the mysterious soul of an avid motorcycle rider. Experience what one reader calls “A little bit of Jung, a little bit of Freud, and a little bit of rock and roll.” (Doc D)

– editors, localbizalliance.com

“More than ‘adventure stories’, these books are little nuggets of Americanna …”

iUniverse Editorial Review

Life is a Road, Get on it and Ride has earned both the “Editor’s Choice” and “Readers’ Choice” awards from iUniverse. Excerpts from their reviews are below:

The book has a very strong opening. I was hooked from the first page. The author’s narrative voice is so inviting; it calls to the reader.

The book definitely achieves it goal of convincing the reader that life is for living. It certainly made me want to get on a bike and ride.

The book does such a good job of convincing the reader that riding is a freeing experience that many readers that have not previously owned or ridden a bike will want to start riding.

This was an entertaining book. The author has a warm and inviting voice that works to bring the reader into the stories.

Road Show Magazine Review

The bond between man and machine is a mystery to those who have not experienced that kind of relationship. Through Meyer’s insights and descriptions, readers will gain some understanding into this, often male, connection with the iron horse of the highways.

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