(4th book) About the Ride

Life Is a Road, It's About the Ride
Mumbling something about slipping on the ice, I mounted the big cruiser. The clerk glanced down at the pavement and my eyes followed. It was clean and dry. Crud. It was time for some rest.

I rounded on the clerk. “Breakfast! Where’s breakfast?” That was about as articulate as I could get at the moment.

He got my meaning. “Two blocks down. A diner. Best place around. You can’t miss it.”

Shaking with fatigue and bone weary, I had a rather annoying vision of me crashing my Valkyrie right through the front door of the place. Can’t miss it? I shuddered. “Yah, I’m more than a little worried about that.”

From a summer run across the almost mythical Route 66, to tragedy and trials in the cold, forbidding winter mountains of the west, to high-speed jaunts though the storm-swept canyons of a city commute, ride with the author as he narrates a series of fantastic adventures with passion and humor. Find out why, It’s About the Ride.

Life is a road. Live. Ride. See. Fly.

Are you ready?

From Northwest Cycle News:

Meyer’s latest is Life Is a Road, It’s About the Ride. The book is the fourth in the “Life Is a Road” series and in it Meyer continues to write eloquently about motorcycling and the spirit that drives those who ride. The stories cover the full range of human emotion: love, lust, rage, sadness, terror, joy; and that’s just one of the stories! Meyer speaks to the ideals of the motorcyclist: independence, honor, and passion.

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