(1st book) Soul Is a Motorcycle

“…Other than the pleasure of the ride itself, this trip had been uneventful. That mattered little. I twisted the throttle and laughed as with a surge of power we shot up the long rise in front of us.

Cresting the hill, something caught my eye and I became suddenly alert.

Oh my…

My heart raced. Hitting both brakes and downshifting, I steered The Dragon off the shoulder, scattering gravel and dust as I went. I continued braking, pushing the superb machine right to the edge of her performance, and slid to a halt at the very peak of the hill. I had to take two long, deep breaths before I could totally absorb what I was seeing.”

Join the author in a series of adventures as he rediscovers what he had known deep in his soul all along—experience is the purpose, the journey is the destination.

The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News did a full tab page on Soul a while back.

Layered beneath the surface of the light-hearted tales is a serious love of the freedom of motorcycle travel…

Dallas Morning News Review (click for full view)

– editors, localbizalliance.com

“More than ‘adventure stories’, these books are little nuggets of Americanna …”

VRCC Review

(Valkyrie Rider’s Cruiser Club) 4 thumbs up!
“I’ve read it, I’ve felt it, I love it, I recommend it. DANIEL MEYER, IT’S 3:00AM AND IT’S YOUR FAULT that I’m still up. Started reading your book Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle earlier today. No way I was going to put it down.” (read more)

iUniverse Editorial Review

Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle has earned both the “Editor’s Choice” and “Reader’s Choice” awards from iUniverse. Excerpts from their reviews are below:

This book is an excellent read and should be marketed to a wide audience of people. The book has a “Travels With Harry”/Charles Kuralt feel to it that will appeal to motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike. Who hasn’t wondered about the big, burly motorcyclist we see at the gas station or zooming by us on the highway? The reader is left thinking, “Maybe I should do that.”

This manuscript effectively conveys life lessons in a poignant and often hysterical manner. This is a great book…

The content of this manuscript is well written and informative. The author effectively balances out the elements of good writing. There are excellent physical descriptions, clear characterizations, the pace changes to affect mood, there is a plot within each of the stories and a clear resolution, and the book is written with a wickedly funny tone that causes the reader to laugh out loud to the point of tears. It is written in such a manner that a person who knows nothing about motorcycles can enjoy and understand the book.

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