Folks have expressed an interest in stories/rants I’ve written that were not motorcycle related. I’ve created this space to catch anything I feel the need to post that is off-topic or just doesn’t fit anywhere else. You’ll find some humor here, as well as heaven knows what else. As usual, enjoy, and comments are always welcome.

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Not Morning Girl

2/11/2020: At least the roads were clear… Continue reading

Life in the Moments and Vistas

4/16/2019: I’d pay real money to see one of those skirts mounting a motorcycle. I expect it’s pretty much NOT possible without running up against a half-dozen obscenity laws and perhaps starting a couple new religions, but I’m highly in favor nonetheless. Continue reading

Attractive repellent.

3/19/2019: I wonder if they should change the label. “Spray on socks. Repels chiggers. Attracts Cougars.” Continue reading


1/16/19: Humans are NOT billiard balls. Continue reading


10/16/18: She just stood there, one hand on her hip, the other clutching a red leather bag, which to my credit I actually noticed, matched the belt on the dress. She had a grin on her face. Continue reading

Payback’s a bitch…oh…wait…that’s not right…

I live and work in a very large metro area…the Dallas area in point of fact. Locally known as the “Metroplex”, or in our more irritable moments, the “Metromess”. With more than 100,000 new folks a year moving to the … Continue reading

No, we are not. Not. A. Single. One.

She froze like deer in the headlights as I approached. Panic, fear, and a paralyzing indecision were clear in her eyes, overwhelming reason and any possible call to action her brain might conjure up. I owned this woman at this … Continue reading


I didn’t need one last week. See, it’s simply a tool…kind of a “jack of all trades” tool…like a Crescent Wrench…used for a lot of things it can “competently” do…but there’s better tools for the specific job. Now, it’s a … Continue reading

Making the world a weirder place

2/19/2018: Pretty certain he’d worked out that the logistics of TXDOT deploying stop cables at my command were at best, *improbable*. Continue reading


1/23/2018: Great. Cheating on my diet, naked, with no icing and no flavor. Continue reading

Damn rabid weasels…

Hang with me…there’s weasels… So I had to vote today…last day of early voting here in Texas and I’m working the election Tuesday…and as I walked in…I was still undecided on the presidential candidates. Every last one of them has … Continue reading


Stumbling in after a hard, late run I joined the wife in the living room watching the late news. I kissed her, grabbed handful of snack crackers out of the bag on the coffee table, and popped one in my … Continue reading

You have NO idea…

While I was cleaning out the wife’s old car and putting the junk in the new one…I reached under the driver’s seat and…pulled out a coil of rope with a block and tackle and pulleys…small, elaborate thing…1/4″ line…and hooks…I’d never … Continue reading

A Wonderful Life

June 6, 2012
One moment there, the next he was gone
His shell now empty, his spirit free to carry on.
Continue reading

Scars on top of scars…

“You’ve paid some dues in your life, haven’t you?” He was just trying to make conversation, but it still was a bit awkward. After all, I was laying face down on a table and he was carving on my butt … Continue reading


So…I bought a used Zumo 550 gps from a friend…figured to try one on the motorcycle but couldn’t really budget for a high-end unit…the used one helps as the 550 is (was) a high-end unit and is waterproof ect. Got … Continue reading


Sooo….had to go to Sam’s club for a quick stop this morning…when coming back out and getting on the Valk…while fiddling with gloves/etc…I notice the truck parked to the left of me…newer model Chevy…big tires, nice wheels…and 3 of 5 … Continue reading

I’ve no idea…

I was sooo sick this weekend. Unusual for me. Saturday I was shifting between wishing the world would end, and actively getting up and ending the damn thing myself. Alfred, in ‘The Dark Knight’ says, “Some men just want to … Continue reading

Little bit of maintenance…

It seems I have too many wheels on the ground. “Wheels on the ground” is an old farming expression that refers to how much equipment the farm has. Basically, count the wheels. It’s a measure of assets and capability, as … Continue reading

Six Feet, Nine Inches.

Alone in an empty house…wife’s out of town, the pets are with her. It’s just me. It’s times like these that I do those stereotypical “man” things…those things we’re not supposed to do at all, much less with the fairer … Continue reading


I tend to view the world…relationships, structures, companies, roads, bridges, dreams…everything really, in the terms of the human effort that went into making it a reality. The destruction of an old building for instance, that has no current perceived value, … Continue reading

All the essentials…

I carry a medium sized black duffel bag to work on my commute. It holds my laptop, lunch, clear riding glasses (it will be dark when I get off work), and other stuff. A duffel because they are cheap and … Continue reading


Help was an hour or better away. Death was only minutes. Death won. See you on the other side buddy. Continue reading

Ten Dollar Easel

Sometimes we’re both cheap AND poor! Continue reading


March 02, 2007
Reflections of the past…are echoes of the future. Continue reading

Guy Cooking # 1

Free Range Nachos Continue reading

While the Cat’s Away…

The mice will use power tools in the kitchen of course! Continue reading

Problems and Solutions # 1

Extreme cheese wheeling? Continue reading


His heart slowly torn loose…Swept away in the merciless wind… Continue reading

44 Miles…A Last Ride…

I’ll see you on the other side. Continue reading

Random Dolphin

…reaching for things beyond. Continue reading

Fifteen Years…one hell of a ride.

…one hell of a ride… Continue reading

Just Trying to Express It…

Valentine’s Day Continue reading

Sleep Deprivation

AND just who’s the son-of-a-mule that clobbered me in the eye? Continue reading

So…A Tree Falls in the Woods…

Now, “massive” and “oak” mean HEAVY Continue reading

Something Stupid

Hug ’em if you’ve got ’em folks…or kick their ass…whichever seem appropriate. Continue reading

Something Wicked

They spew their hate and turn me away… Continue reading


“You must have done something really bad…” Continue reading

On Death and Dragons

That’s the problem, you see, with incarnations…if you’re aware of them…then they are aware of you. Continue reading

The Flower Falls

Life’s short folks. Let’s ride. Continue reading

Trip Log

Zoom Zoom! Continue reading


Oh how far the mighty have fallen… Continue reading

Peanut Brittle

I can see the headlines now… Continue reading

Took a Cruise

The Xel-ha Dolphins say “hi!” Continue reading


You know you’re going to have an interesting day if one of these is on your “to get” list.. Continue reading

Meet Hershey Part 2

The ravenous hoard is growing. Continue reading

The Dragon’s Out Tonight

Maybe I’ll find the music to go with it some day… Continue reading

Meet Hershey

More cute dog stuff… Continue reading

A New Arrival

A ravenous hoard has descended on the household (cute dog stuff). Continue reading

Iron Justice

There was a tremendous amount of blood on the glass… Continue reading

You’re Gonna What?!

Apparently it involves chemicals AND lasers. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Wishes

Smoochies for the rest of us… Continue reading

It’s All Connected

Be careful…very careful… Continue reading

Even Dragons Need Their Moms

Some things just should not be accepted… Continue reading

The Owl and the Pussycat…and the Twin Colt 45’s With Laser Sights

The room was a frightening mess. There was blood splattered across the bed and halfway up the wall completely on the other side of the room. Continue reading

More Complicated than it has to Be

So…here’s to my brother… Continue reading

Crunch! … The Sequel (gad!)

I could give a sh!t about the car, as long as she is OK. Continue reading


Airbags do not taste like chicken. Continue reading

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