Road Stories

Many of my writings are on the web, posted as they occur and later refined, edited and combined with previously unposted chapters for my books.

Think of the web as my “rough draft”. I’ll gather as many of them as I can here. (Buy the books anyway, there is always something new included).

The Bet

Title if the wife (acquired later) named it: “Honey, you’re an idiot.” Continue reading

Well Oiled

(soft pop) “AwwwwwwwwwwwwwSh*ttttOwwwwwwwwwwwwwGhhhhaaaaaYuckkk!” Continue reading

SPI Bikefest

1934 miles. One-thousand-nine-hundred and thirty-four miles. As I took leave of James at his place I asked him with a grin, “Want to go again?” Continue reading

Valkyrie Magic

…there is not a red-blooded male . . . no real man on the planet . . .that could have done otherwise…
Continue reading


Basically “The Dragon” is in small pieces scattered all over the garage. Continue reading

Why Ride?

Then my brain really grabbed hold of the question. It chewed on it a moment, analyzed it, informed me that it definitely knew the answer, calculated, referenced, imaged, booked additional “left brain” processing time, shuttled, condensed, expanded, distilled, put the whole thing to music, pondered it some more, then it firmly refused to answer. Continue reading

Maxxis Tire Review

Drats…. Continue reading


Misdemeanor assault is only $140 fine… Continue reading

Passing the Torch

On the rare occasions when I am not actually riding, “Well Oiled Machine” and “The Dragon” sat in the garage and growled at each other. When it came time to ride (and that is very often for me) both machines vied for my attention with sometimes blatent plays on my emotions. Whatever the choice, I somehow felt that I had let the other machine down. Continue reading

Wheelie (Oh my Gawd)

Where the hell is a rocket launcher when you really need one? Continue reading

Left Turn Madness

We have a limited number of days. Let’s ride. Continue reading

Into the Maelstrom

Is the prey . . . really the prey? Continue reading

Her, the Dragon, and me

What will we make of it?
Her, The Dragon, and me?
Continue reading

Sunday Ride

Mistake #1—Pulling a gun on a Texan, especially one who is minding his own business.
Mistake #2—Not immediately firing it after pulling a gun on a Texan.
Continue reading

An Act of Dog

It may have been inevitable-the universe’s way of saying, “Yo! Dude! Yeah you! Tone it down a couple notches will ya?” Continue reading

All Who Wander…

July 13, 2009
I smiled at the old man, “Hello Mr. Akin.”

“I’m not lost.”

“Yes. I know.” Continue reading

Seasonal Hazards

I am a rider. I am other things as well…but I am a rider to the core. There is a truth that long days alone on the highways can teach…a truth that we all must learn…rider or not…in order to do more than simply survive. Continue reading

Tales out of School…

There is an unwritten rule about handling motorcycles: If you do something silly or stupid, there are inevitably witnesses. The stupider your action, the more witnesses.

I used to think there were exceptions. Continue reading

A Dream…Inside a Nightmare.

Standing in the garage…not knowing why I had gone there, the keys to The Dragon dangling from my hand. I shrugged, mounted the big cruiser, and stuck the key in the ignition. …and the world exploded. Dreaming men are haunted … Continue reading


The big bike grumbled beneath me. “Hey boss?” She sounded forlorn. “Yeah babe.” “We’re gonna be together forever, right?” *** Running into the night. Reveling in the wind. Hoping to clear my mind. Problems I can’t solve. Plans I need … Continue reading

You missed!

Things learned during my commute number 2,345,208, volume 47, part 2, the sequel: When riding in an incredibly intense thunderstorm, and lightning strikes so close by that the big bike stutters in the instant I hear the *snap* and feel … Continue reading


“If you can’t take the heat, don’t tickle the dragon.”
Continue reading

Exploded Bambi. Dismembered his mom. Disposed of evidence.

Yo! Fred! Go see if you can figure out why the chicken crossed the road.
Oh! Dude. Gross. WAY wrong answer. Yo! George! Your turn!
Continue reading


…where the heck would I get an old Cessna engine/prop, 24 pounds of black powder, a realistic orangutan suit, a Bull-Taco, and a 1972 Gremlin in THIS economy? Continue reading

Take *THAT* one…

There’s a spot between awake and asleep…between life and death…a place created by the struggle between the conscious and the sub-conscious. A place where the id lives, anything is possible, and the demons are free to play. It’s not always … Continue reading

Doing it Right

“You know what?” she grabbed me playfully.
“What babe?” I stepped in the house and locked the door. Dropping my bag, I turned and let her lead me to the bedroom.
“Riding makes you horny.”
“Heh…that it does babe.”

It was going to be a good night. Continue reading

Bad day’s a good day….

Instinct, passion, and perception…discouraged in polite society…are required here. Continue reading

Interlude (a wet one)…

“WHAT!?” I replied in the same tone. Cop or no, I wasn’t in the mood for any bullshit tonight.
Continue reading

Quotes to fit the mood…

Long ride. Intensely lonely. The moon, the darkness, the empty road, and the lonely wail of the valk my only company. Introspection. Time for thoughts. Moods darken and change. The passion rises, and then, unfulfilled, calls forth the darkside of … Continue reading

Ride more…or wash more.

Clean is fine. Clean is good. Clean is what you do so you can see how dirty you can get her.
Continue reading

Anatomy Lesson

An angel. A demon. Perhaps a god.

Maybe all three. Continue reading

The Price?

I know the piper will need to be paid, and I know I’ve run up one *hell* of a bill. Continue reading


Most people have no clue how close to the edge they are at any given time or situation. Motorcyclists, true riders, have no such blinders. The shadow of death rides with us, always. Continue reading


The dance continues until the universe ends…

…or until I have to stop for gas.

Which will it be today? Continue reading

Still Chasing Horizons…

An older shot from New Mexico. Yes, I’m still chasing the same horizon. I’ll let you know when I catch it. “Still Unbroken” CUAgain, Daniel Meyer

High Speed and Black Leather…

An illicit lunch run involving high-speed and tight black leather. Ohh baby. So tight. Careful…let me get it in there… OoooohhhhYeeaahhhh! Gawd I needed that! It’s an indulgence…one I won’t give up. Probably not the one you’d think! Good gear … Continue reading

Friday night…

Flying down the highway on a eastbound run. Should get to Clarksville, and my warm willing woman just any time. Gorgeous night for a run…balmy Texas weather. Pure magic. Been enjoying myself. Absorbed in the music,the gorgeous night sky, and … Continue reading

Oh Hail

A hail update… Wednesday Evening: Okay…I’ve said it before…hail pretty much sucks. I’ve got welts all over…including a couple that would be classed as contusions. Right arm is pretty much useless at the moment. I took a hailstone to the … Continue reading


The penalties are extreme…for those that dare to ride the storms. Continue reading


Riding hard through a fractured landscape, the heavy raindrops spatter and run off my clear riding glasses. The lines and droplets cut and distort the steel gray view. My helmet visor is up, having long ago become too much of … Continue reading

A smile by any other name…

In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears. Things are not only what they are. They are, in very important respects, what they seem to be. -Hubert H. Humphrey This morning … Continue reading

Not Broken

I knew it was going to be at best, interesting…when the man pulled out a chair and sat down uninvited at my breakfast table. A friend may do this, unexpectedly encountering me in any number of places. A stranger, simply … Continue reading

A moment or a lifetime?

Blasting down the interstate, the big Valkyrie rumbling beneath me, I shudder from the cold as we tear through the night. Punching through freezing temperatures at 80 mph, the cold seeks out every imperfection in my gear and gradually saps … Continue reading

Be the Batman…

Ran across an entry in my journal from last summer…guess I had not blogged it. Here ya go! I hit a bat on my Valk last summer…I’ve hit them before, but never this bad. I was moving 80+, he/she must … Continue reading

Right. Wrong. The law.

When I was a kid, a coyote (the people smuggler kind, not the Canis latrans type), dumped a truckload of illegal migrants on the road by our farm. One-hundred plus degrees, and 500+ miles from the Mexican border (Texas is … Continue reading

…and I said…I’ll see you again…

Lady with her cell phone jammed in her ear changed lanes right on top of me on the commute in to work this morning. I was not in her blind spot…she made no effort to clear the lane at all…just … Continue reading

Art. Science. Soul.

It’s just pressure…a subtle push on the right handlebar…almost a thought really, but it yields decidedly unsubtle results as I throw the Valkyrie into a hard right turn. Tires squalling, I pilot the big machine between two cars and across … Continue reading


Little ride Saturday…headed south of Houston for the ‘Gathering of the Fools’ to see a bunch of my friends and for fantastic barbecue. Blustery and cool, but it was a hell of a ride both ways. Surprise rainstorm around 11pm … Continue reading

There Go I…

Past. Present. Future. Expectations. Desires. Needs. Reality. Nightmares. Where does one leave off and another one begin? …and just how do you tell the difference? *** A clean run…500 miles or so…came to an uneventful end as I stuffed the … Continue reading

The Route…

Slamming south out of Albert Lea, Minnesota, (apparently pronounced “Men-ah-sooo-dah” by the locals), I had pushed the “home” button on my GPS. It’s not that I really needed navigation aids at the moment…that “cone of uncertainty” of what road I … Continue reading

Because I can…

Was in the mood to ride Saturday…been itchin’ for a good run for a while now. Commuting can provide that “they’re all trying to fricken kill me” adrenaline rush, but sometimes hours burning up the highways is needed to get … Continue reading

Dinner…and a show!

Sooo…batch-ing it tonight…and in kind of a funky mood. I headed out on the bike to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. Shrimp quesadilla, chips, salsa, and iced-tea. Mmmmmm… I was mostly done polishing off the excellent meal when a 40-ish guy … Continue reading


Running hard through the no-mans-land that is the extremely dangerous and more or less permanent construction zone on LBJ (I-635) between I-35 and US-75, traffic began to slow and I pulled in the clutch and let her drift… Hey boss? … Continue reading

They know what they want…

I stopped by the CVS store on my way home from work a few days ago…I needed to pick up a shit-ton (that’s a metric ass-load) of candy, pencils, paper, cards, flashlights/batteries, snacks, and the like to fill out a … Continue reading

Out There

We blew past my exit, and the speedometer never wavered off 85 mph. Not even a needle’s width. “Where ya taking me Babe?” The big machine grumbled beneath me, Some place you need to be, boss. I grinned. We’ve had … Continue reading

Hell of a Scare?

The cops frown at finding some 300-pound biker-dude sitting in the laundry-mat wearing nothing but a leather jacket and a smile. Creative use of summer riding gloves can possibly prevent an actual arrest…but it will be a damn close thing… Continue reading

A Moment’s Reprieve

Just a moment’s reprieve…it was all I should need. A pause to catch my breath…the large, stinging, cold raindrops having taken it away…nearly continuously…for the last 40 miles. It’s been a tough ride. Severe winds, rain, and light hail rallying … Continue reading

Seize the night…

Come with me and seize the night Now’s the time for some inspiration Leave the day and lose the light No taboos only new sensations… Pushing hard…more or less westbound through the cool dark hills of southeastern Oklahoma…bound for home. … Continue reading

In the Dark

If I wasn’t still running basically true I’d have been tumbling down the road in a mangled tangle of smashed steel and torn flesh. Then a part of me wondered if maybe I was, and this was just what it felt like. Continue reading

Almost better than coffee!

A somewhat disconcerting way to spice up the commute… Accelerating hard, trying to maneuver around, through, and between Dallas traffic on this high-speed death-trap we call “Central Expressway” and *snap*, “WEEEEEEEE!” There goes the backrest. DOES get your attention. I … Continue reading

I’m condemned to what now?

I stood there dripping… “I have no words…” said the truck-stop duty manager as we watched his (not very effective) security guy chase the woman around the parking lot. I was watching the spectacle and reflecting that less donuts would … Continue reading

I’m shoveling…something alright…

Bleary eyed and idly sipping my coffee…I stood there eyeballing the news. It was grim. Folks all over the country were shoveling their way out of extreme weather. I sighed. Gonna be one of those days is it? Following the … Continue reading

Well that was unexpected…

Leaving work this evening I ran into construction on one way out of downtown, an accident on another, and I don’t even know what was going on the third way I tried. So…I created a 4th way…and ended up in … Continue reading


Last week I posted a story about rage, conflict, and fear. This one is about empowerment. *** Banging north on US 75, downtown behind me, as fast as the traffic would allow, I came upon a disabled car. Newer mid-sized … Continue reading

Of Monsters and Men

A long night run home. Always pleasant…the magic of the Texas sky, the cool air, the powerful machine responding to the whims of my soul and fractional, precision inputs to the controls, and a warm and willing woman waiting at … Continue reading

The Race…

I pulled the big cruiser up to the light…just to the right of a Dodge Viper. Gorgeous hunk of iron…or plastic…or whatever it is. Doesn’t really matter. Nice form. Art in motion. Art sitting still for that matter. It had … Continue reading

Never gonna stop…

Sleep wouldn’t come. The Dragon called. I tweaked the wife on the butt, rolled out of bed, and quietly dressed. It was time to ride. Something’s at the edge of your mind You don’t know what it is… Weaving through … Continue reading

The Light-Side of the Dark

Fuel management…it’s a thing…especially when your range before reserve maxes out at 140 miles or so… My normally aggressive throttle habits and the “not conservative” speed limits found here can radically shorten that range. In a state where I can … Continue reading


A balmy Texas fall morning…one of those that stirs the soul…and summons the demons…the predawn light and racing clouds adding an atmosphere of adventure…or perhaps menace…depending on my interpretation of it. It’s difficult…this morning….that my perception won’t settle for one … Continue reading

I wonder…

I wonder if they think about me…later…the ones that almost kill me… They run me out of my lane or pull out in front of me without looking. Some run up on my tail at speeds that make it impossible … Continue reading


Instincts. We have ’em…in spades. Problem is we’re taught from birth to ignore them…those “feelings” and warnings dismissed as primitive and unsuitable in civilized society. We also seem to have recently acquired a good dose of “entitlement”…we SHOULD be safe…anytime … Continue reading

One too many adventures…

One too many mis-adventures for The Dragon I guess… These are a pair of rather hefty steel kickstand brackets…a broken one and the replacement… Out of all the things I’ve smacked, worn out, bent, etc on that bike…this thing is … Continue reading


“You can’t be here…” says the pimply-faced kid disguised as a store clerk. I was sitting cross-legged on the burning-hot concrete in one of “his” parking places, digging chunks of brown glass out of the tires on my machine with … Continue reading

What’s In a Name?

Those of you that have been reading along for a while may recall my propensity for naming my machines…my belief…or suspicion at least…that as they are designed, maintained, and fitted to be an extension of our will…a manifestation of our … Continue reading

Little things add up…

Stitch, the second Valkyrie, (so named HERE) came to me with some issues. All were minor…this machine has (for a Valkyrie) very few miles on it, but little things add up. In this case, she had several “signs” of previous … Continue reading

Side effects…

10/11/17: I don’t think I can get ’em to cut it down another FIFTEEN inches… Continue reading


We’re running with the shadows of the night So baby take my hand, it’ll be all right Surrender all your dreams to me tonight They’ll come true in the end…* Moving rapidly through the deep Texas night, navigating the wife’s … Continue reading


“Life is available only in the present moment. If you abandon the present moment you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply.” –Thich Nhat Hanh Moments. Sometimes a blur, hardly observed. Other times, a distinct event to be … Continue reading

On neglecting your mistress…

2/12/2018: Ya know what a Dragon does when you’ve been riding her nearly daily for over 17 years and you suddenly ignore her for several weeks? Continue reading

Accidental Travelage

Went to lunch with a friend…had to pick from the Meyer motor-pool. May have accidentally grabbed the bike keys. Holy crap that felt good!!!!! Wife: “Did your doctors tell you that you could ride?” Me: “Ahem…Technically….they never told me I … Continue reading

The Dragon…on The Dragon…on the Tail of the Dragon.

Had a good run last week! Around 4000 miles. Nobody died and I only broke a few things.

Keep the faith…

Have you seen Bagdad Cafe? The 1987 film stars an unknown Marianne Sägebrecht along with Jack Palance (and others) in what is ultimately a cute and heartwarming tale. It’s also known as Out of Rosenheim in the foreign market. If … Continue reading

Cut short

One lane slowly rolls by…and I have time to burn the image indelibly into my memory. Black blood and brain material. Splattered. The body not even covered by a blanket yet. The cops just trying to do traffic and not … Continue reading

Instinct, Art, and Intellect

07/31/2019: “I’ve bought you perhaps 0.84 seconds of life. Use it wisely.” Continue reading

She followed me home…

Me -leering-: “Hey Honey, she followed me home. Can I keep her? “Her -rolls eyes-: “Well, you’ll have to take care of her and feed her and exercise her and play with her and pet her and take her out … Continue reading

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