Route 66

Route 66–Sort Of–

Route 66. That’s another trip that’s always on the minds of motorcyclists. With a road trip in mind, but no further plans other than visiting some friends, I decided I’d make the trip. California was a worthy destination, and if I timed it right, I could make the California VRCC Yosemite weekend as well. I envisioned heading north to visit a friend or two, then catching “America’s Road” at Chicago and taking it all the way to Los Angles.

The reality was very different. Route 66 is more of an attitude than it is a route. It would take me 8000 miles to figure that out.

What follows is a series of short stories I wrote during and after the trip. Many were published in The Dallas Morning News on Saturdays beginning in September and running through the end of October. Since news sometimes can edit the soul right out of a story, these are updated, expanded, and reedited over their original appearance. I’m sure I’ll add more, and longer chapters later.

I hope you enjoy and as always, I welcome comments.

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