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Stories from the Road--Index

Many of my writings are on the web, posted as they occur and later refined, edited and combined with previously unposted chapters for my books. Think of the web as my "rough draft".  I'll gather as many of them as I can here. (Buy the books anyway, there is always something new included).

The Bet (7/18/01)
Title if the wife (acquired later) named it: "Honey, you're an idiot."

Well Oiled (7/19/01)
(soft pop) "AwwwwwwwwwwwwwSh*ttttOwwwwwwwwwwwwwGhhhhaaaaaYuckkk!"

SPI Bikefest (10/30/01)
1934 miles. One-thousand-nine-hundred and thirty-four miles. As I took leave of James at his place I asked him with a grin, "Want to go again?"

Valkyrie Magic (2/11/02)
...there is not a red-blooded male . . . no real man on the planet . . .that could have done otherwise...

Bonkers? (4/12/02)
Basically "The Dragon" is in small pieces scattered all over the garage.

Why Ride? (4/23/02)
Then my brain really grabbed hold of the question. It chewed on it a moment, analyzed it, informed me that it definitely knew the answer, calculated, referenced, imaged, booked additional "left brain" processing time, shuttled, condensed, expanded, distilled, put the whole thing to music, pondered it some more, then it firmly refused to answer.

Maxxis Tire Problem (4/23/02)

Wrenching (05/02/02)
Misdemeanor assault is only a $140 fine.

Passing the Torch (5/8/02)
On the rare occasions when I am not actually riding, "Well Oiled Machine" and "The Dragon" sat in the garage and growled at each other. When it came time to ride (and that is very often for me) both machines vied for my attention with sometimes blatent plays on my emotions. Whatever the choice, I somehow felt that I had let the other machine down.

Wheelie (Oh my Gawd!) (5/16/02)
Where the hell is a rocket launcher when you really need one?

Left Turn Madness (6/09/02)
We have a limited number of days. Let's ride.

Into the Maelstrom (8/27/02)
Is the prey . . . really the prey?

Her, the Dragon, and Me... (9/9/02)
What will we make of it?
Her, The Dragon, and me?

Sunday Ride (9/18/02)
Mistake #1—Pulling a gun on a Texan, especially one who is minding his own business.
Mistake #2—Not immediately firing it after pulling a gun on a Texan.

TeXSive 2002 (10/1/02)
I dreamed of dragons and unicorns, horrendous storms, pretty Texas women, and a whole world full of empty roads that always lead somewhere interesting, but never quite where I expect them too . . .

You Know it is Cold When (12/10/02)
Winter Sucks

The Dark Side of the Man (12/4/02)
Winter REALLY sucks.

The Long Way Home (12/18/02)
Okay, maybe winter doesn't suck that bad.

Today I Met a Man (12/24/02)
I hate to shop, but sometimes a man's just gotta. Stepping out of the store with my hard-won Christmas present for my wife a terrible scene lay before me.

Monsters in the Night (1/28/03)
...once it's clear that I must finish it
I'll send them straight to Hell

The Smell of Leather (1/30/03)
Redheads are pretty when they blush.

Why Fly? (2/3/03)
For to seek all the answers to questions in my mind
Opens a universe of wonders, and new things to find.

Dance With the Devil (3/17/03)
This was going to get ugly...

I Am Dragon (3/18/03)
...and I am what I choose.

TeXSive Lite 2003 (4/12/03)
That was when, sitting in a left turn lane, Dean and Cindy made their mark. And they made it right on the front bumper of a little red Chevy thingy that swung wide on the turn and hit them head-on!...

Rider or Partner? (4/25/03)
It is best described as pure ecstasy, and definitely sexual in nature....

The Dragon in the Desert (5/29/03)
I've had stranger days...but maybe I'd better start at the beginning.

Dancing on the Edge? (6/17/03)
Yep. There are just certain things you have to do to prep a motorcycle for a long summer trip. And there are some things that are just easier not to try to explain.

Zip Splat vs Cage (8/05/03)
I do still get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The Stuff of Life (8/17/03)
What direction you take, is all up to you.

Outbound (8/11/03)
What makes me, ME, cannot be undone.

Gas Run (8/29/03)
I could see how the entire encounter could appear a bit…well…surreal.

Life Really is a Road! (9/20/03)
In retrospect, startling your friends in this sort of situation is probably not a good idea. Especially when your particular group of friends includes a bona fide fire-breathing dragon.

The Nightmare (Night Mare) (9/28/03)
 ...a new guardian has been born!

Winterizing (10/24/03)
Drain the battery juice?

Neighborhood Hazard (or: Why the Cops Won't Patrol Brice Street) (10/26/03)
The Valkyrie screamed in ecstasy. I screamed in…well…I just plain screamed.

Night Run (11/1/03)
I was going just precisely as fast as I could see. No more, no less…at least that's what I hoped.

Fire Zone (11/2/03)
They give the term 'crash and burn' a whole new meaning...

Storm Surfing (11/24/03)
"Safe" was not a demand of my soul tonight.

Everybody's a Critic (12/6/03)

Storm Rider (12/17/03)
I've had worse days.

The Horror (03/29/04)
If this was a horror movie, we'd all be dead.

An Act of Dog (4/11/04)
It may have been inevitable-the universe's way of saying, "Yo! Dude! Yeah you! Tone it down a couple notches will ya?"

Fragments (4/16/04)
The whole is . . . complicated.

The Ghosts in My Machine (4/19/04)
I love it that I can dream. I love it that I can fly.

Dinner Run (5/9/04)
She shakes her head and wanders off mumbling something about men...or bikers...or little boys, I'm not sure which

Why Did the Chicken...? (05/28/04)
I'll call the hapless victim "Kenny" for slightly twisted reasons of my own...

City of Mist (10/18/04)
It is the silence that I miss...and the stars.

That Bike... (11/12/04)
We both knew what bike he was talking about...

Steel Wheels (12/18/04)
Yes, a man should know his limits. I guess I just found one of mine.

Polar Bear Ride (1/5/05) least the cops were nice about the whole thing...

Howl (5/4/05)
Yes, the howling was annoying.

Morning Mourning (05/24/05)
Is it too late for me?

Summer Commute (7/27/05)
Can you feel it?

The Call (11/08/05)
...perhaps I am a dragon, only dreaming that I'm a man.

The Wet Driveway Principle (12/14/05)
Whatever. As long as I get to ride..

Another Project (01/03/06) I like motorcycles.

Valkyrie - 1, Deer - 0 (Valkyrie vs. Deer w/pics) (06/06/06)
Note the trail of blood on the road. This is never a good sign.

Bang, zoom. (06/15/06)
If they start singing, I'm getting out the shotgun.

Alexandria, Louisiana on a Saturday Night (08/29/06)
It's a hell of a thing.

Ooohh Yeaaahhh. aaaAAHOOOOOOOOoooo! (09/07/06)
I regard this billion-dollar structure as my personal motorcycle jungle gym.

The Difference (03/13/07)
The engineer sat quietly to the side and wondered if it was okay that he believed in magic.

Run for Cheaha (04/16/07)
"Real wrath of God-type stuff."

Clutch Levers and Road Gremlins(05/??/07)
Clutch. CLUTCH! Clutch? What clutch?

Because I Can (08/07/07)
Yeah I know. But I am what I am.

Adrenaline (11/16/07)
Sail through an empty night
It's only you and I who understand
There is no plan.

Slip-sliding Away (12/17/07) probably would have been better without the wild, girlish scream...

Lost (06/16/08)
...I could...I'm just not entirely sure that I would...

Know Thyself (12/22/08)
A tale of how the ride, in a completely unexpected way...suddenly took me home.

This City (12/29/08)
The city...itself...has become a predator.

Falling...With Style. (01/29/09)
I think it's perfectly clear; my brain is trying to kill me. I also think it's perfectly clear, sooner or later it will succeed.

All Who Wander... (07/13/09)
Tonight wasn't about me any longer...

Precipice (12/29/09)
There is more out here than the sane mind can imagine.

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