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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

LeatherLyke Problems and Modifications

I have had some problems with my Leatherlyke bags . . . and overall am not real happy with them. However, I have elected to keep them and make some modifications and repairs instead of sending them back for a refund. This is because I am simply out of time, cannot afford the next step up in bags, and I do like the size/capacity of the Leatherlykes.

The problems:

First, the right hand bag cracked around the mounting pin. This happend at about 2 months use, and 4000 or so miles. The bags say they are good to carry 20 pounds, and I had my toolkit in this one. It weighs 14 pounds so should have been fine.


Cracked mount

To fix the cracked mount, I took some 1/16 steel plate and beat it into submission . . . fashioning a bracket to spread the load around the entire bag instead of concentrating it at the pin points. I made these for both bags. It is shown here mounted:

steel plate mounted

The bracket is shown here sitting on the outside of the bag so you can see fit and function:

Steel plate outside

Next, the lock broke out of one of the bags. It is simply bolted through the plastic on a very thin edge, and it just pulled through the bag. I was also not happy with the bag tops, as they were so flexible that the locks pretty much just barely held the top closed. A little pull on a corner and they opened right up! Of course, the bag top had to flip open on the highway in this case, so I actually lost the darn lock to the road gremlins.

Broken Lock

Of course . . . to fix this I could have just cut a small piece of steel and put the appropriate sized hole for the lock. But, alas, I seem to be a glutton for punishment and can never do anything just the easy way. I elected to brace the whole top to make it a little stiffer, and felt that steel straps or whatnot would just be to utilitarian for my tastes. See, I have a plasma cutter and for some reason felt I needed to use it.

So, of course . . . I did it the hard way.

I had my friend Ron draw me a dragon. Then I scanned it into my computer (in two pieces, it was too big for one scan), resized it, printed it out, cut it out of the paper, transferred the design to a piece of steel, and cut it out with my plasma cutter. Then I welded studs to the back to attach them to the bags, ground everything clean, and had them powdercoated.


Ready to mount

Of course, they point the direction of travel.

Dragon Plate

I like 'em...but then again, I'm biased. Advantages? They are water and dust proof...they hold plenty...and with my mods they work fine.

Daniel Meyer

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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

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