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Life Is a Road, the Soul Is a Motorcycle

Life Is a Road, Get On it and Ride!

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Storm Rider

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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

Links--On-Line Comics

There is some amazing talent out here in internet land. Some of the best comics to be found will never show up in your local newspaper. Many of them cross the line from comic to graphic novel with the depth of character and story presented. Here are a few of my favorites, mostly in the order I discovered them. Check them out, and show them your support. Tell 'em I sent you. They might not even throw you out!

Two Lumps 
Two Lumps...the Adventures of Ebenezer and Snooch
Best cat comic on the web...or in print for that matter. Worth going back and reading from the beginning!

Devils Panties 
The Devil's Panties.
No. It's not satanic porn.

Least I could do... 
Least I Could Do
I can't explain this one either.

Goblin Hollow Web Comic
Goblin Hollow
Formerly known as "Under the Lemon Tree". A great and fun story. Start this one from the beginning.

Nip and Tuck Web Comic
Nip and Tuck
Love this one. I think I knew these guys! (I think I am these guys!)

Tales of the Questor Web Comic
Tales of the Questor
Heartwarming tale of adventure and coming of age. Wonderful artwork.

Uh...well I think it's genius! (How about that for an insight into my psyche)

Kevin & Kell
Kevin & Kell
He's a rabbit. She's a wolf. They're married. Gets stranger from there. Definitely answers the question, "Can't we all just get along?"

This is good. Train-wreck good, but good. Dark and disturbing, yet uplifting too…the further you get into the story, the better it gets. This artist is one seriously messed up dude…and I highly recommend it. Be sure to start at the beginning.

A World Like My Own 
A World Like My Own.
Well, it's not a world like my own...but it's a world like somebody's own...I suppose...oh, just check it out, will you?

Two Kinds 
Two Kinds.
A rousing tale of adventure, friendship, and trust. An attractive style, depth to the characters, and absolutely gorgeous drawing plant this one soundly into the graphic novel genre. Its got cat girls too...what more could you need?

Girl Genius 
Girl Genius.
Steam Punk at it's best. Great style, rich illustration, in-depth story. Fun!

Top notch a web comic. Great reading, fun and likeable characters make this a first class strip.

Schlock Mercenary 
Schlock Mercenary.
An underfunded mercenary band travels the galaxy, just trying to make a living. We should be worried about whether the galaxy will survive their efforts. But hey, anybody that has a hand-carried plasma cannon and a matching pair of sawed-off multicannons is alright with me! Updated daily.

Better Days 
Better Days.
One of my favorites. Beautiful drawing and a fun style, as well as very effective communication of emotion make this a must read.

The Whiteboard 
The Whiteboard.
Alaska. Polar Bears. Paintball. There's fissionable materials and a pizza transporter involved. Just check it out!

Jay Naylors New Worlds 
New Worlds.
Another gorgeous work by Jay Naylor. With his impressive coloring, emotionally impacting line art, and well developed characters (and the world they operate in), New Worlds may be setting a new standard for graphical storytelling on the web. Check it out.


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The Soul Is a Motorcycle Get On It and Ride! Ride It Hard About the Ride Volume One Special Edition Stormrider

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