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Iron Justice


Sometimes there is justice, even without any help from others.

Somebody broke into my neighbor’s mini-pickup last weekend. Seems they punched his window out and swiped his radio. Laughable, as the radio was one of those with a removable face and the face was removed. Without the face the radio is worthless. Pretty sad, the window was worth more than the radio was even with the face.

Of course crooks have never been known to have much intelligence.

I knew nothing of this until yesterday when my neighbor stopped over to see me as I arrived home from work. Basically he told me of the incident, and asked if we had any trouble.

This is a very safe neighborhood. Kids play, bicycles get left about, violence is unheard of, and burglaries are very rare. We’ve never had a problem.

Well, onto our justice.

After the visit, I decided to take a peek at “Big Iron”, my 400hp 4x4 Dodge.[note: I am a Texan . . . I do have the requisite truck]

A picture, just because I can:

Big Iron
"Big Iron", my 400hp 4x4 Dodge. I figure if I've gotta drive a  cage, it might as well be a fun one . . .

Those that know me understand that I actually don’t drive it much . . . only in terrible weather or when I have to haul something. Usually I am astride The Dragon instead.

Anyway I discovered that someone HAD tried to break into it. This person had used an iron hitch ball that was sitting in the back of the truck and had tried to smash out the side window. I could see slight scratches in the glass where he had hit it several times. Unfortunately for him, the last hit caught a finger or thumb between the heavy iron ball and the glass and smashed the digit into pulp.

There was a tremendous amount of blood on the glass, the side of the truck, and trailing out of the driveway and down the alley. Lots of it. Life endangering amounts of it.

Oh darn. Somebody managed to seriously injure themselves trying to break into my truck. I feel just terrible . . . heh heh.

Daniel Meyer

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